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Being An Introvert: Let’s Get Personal

Being an Introvert. . .

being an introvert

So a while ago, I decided to shift the focus of this blog a little bit and maybe get a little more personal. I wanted to share a little of what it means to me, to be an introverted blogger.

Being a fashion blogger and an introvert can be pretty intimidating. But to be honest, when I first started blogging, it wasn’t to be a fashion blogger (although fashion was always something I enjoyed). No, I started blogging because I was the shyest little bugger and I wanted some way to share my thoughts to the world. . .without actually sharing them.
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A Weekend In The Life Of. . .Philadelphia Road Trip

Philadelphia Road Trip
philadelphia road trip

Living in New York, you start getting really insular. Because there’s just so much stimulation and so many different parts of New York, with different vibes and a different soul, it can be easy to just settle. Add in the fact that most NY’ers don’t have cars and have to rely on public transportation, it can be ages before anyone does any actual road trips.

Thankfully, one of my friends has a car and is always down for mini road trips, so we decided to do a Philadelphia road trip. It’s a fast drive, about an hour and a half, and there’s enough to see that we stayed pretty busy.

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Armani Lip Magnet

Armani Lip Magnet: Mini Review

   armani lip magnet

I received the chance to review Armani’s newest lip products, the Armani Lip Magnet Matte long wear lipstick. Matte lipsticks are having their moment in the spotlight and I’m totally happy about it. No more glossy lips for this girl, I’m all about the sultry and sexy mattes.

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Grandma Chic with Fossil Q

Grandma Chic with Fossil Q

  fossil Q

  Now that the weather is heading towards frigid, it’s getting a bit harder to dress sexy. The large comfy sweaters have come out, along with the slouchy jeans and huge jackets. To be honest, I’ve been reveling in dressing like a grandma because (1) I’m warm and (2) I’m comfortable.

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Fall Looks with Luvit App

Fall Looks with the Luvit App

 luvit app

My (second) favorite season is here and I’m so excited to go shopping for it! I love shopping for fall weather because I feel like with all the layering, you can be a little more creative with your outfits. In the summer, I’m a bit boring. I choose rompers or dresses, easy things that I can throw on without having to think.

In the fall, unless I’m tired and just throw on jeans and a sweater, there’s so much more thought involved in what to wear. You want to wear something that looks good but that also keeps you warm. The obvious answer is sweaters but it can be hard (or boring!) to wear the same sweater over and over again.

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Review: September 2016 BOTM Choice

September Book of the Month: My Review

book of the month

I’ve always been a reader. I’m talking, 2-3 books a week, stacks of books on the floor, books EVERYWHERE kind of reader.

Of course, as I got older and more busy (hello 9-5, grad school and blogging), my free time got less and less and my reading became limited to e-books on my iPhone on 10 minute train rides.

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