OOTD: Black & White

OOTD: Black & White

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What a surprise. I’m wearing black and white again. . .


Well, not really much of a surprise. Obviously, if you’ve ever met me, my favorite color to wear is black. Not for any goth or fashion-y reasons, it’s just my go to color.

Maybe you can call it laziness. I mean, you really can’t go wrong with black.


I got this black shift dress from Forever 21 for about $20. I love that deep V cut out and how strappy it is. Perfect for a steamy day and there’s a slip underneath so that it doesn’t cling to your body.

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I have this weird sort of capelet that was so popular in 2015 but we haven’t really seen it around since. It was an impulse buy from Nasty Gal.

Can I let you in on a secret? I’m one of the worst shoppers because I want something but I NEVER buy it. And I’m also kind of superstitious. So I do this thing where I’ll lust over something for ages until it completely sells out of my size. And then I put my e-mail down to be contacted if it returns back in my size. In my mind, I like to argue that if it does come back in my size, it’s basically fated, right? Like the universe is telling me I need to own it.

Whatever, shut up, we all have our quirks!


I also paired this with the Chloe Drew, not for any sort of styling reasons but mostly because it was the bag I had out when I was rushing out of my apartment.


I had spent this day shooting with Ayme but honestly. . .I had come home really late the night before so I was not feeling good this day. I’m talking bottles of water in my bag to keep me hydrated and so weak and in need of food. It wasn’t pretty.

Last one

Since this dress is older, it’s no longer available but I’ve linked some similar black dresses that have the same style and feel:

I hope you guys aren’t too confused with the new blog format. Basically, what had happened was (Kevin Hart shoutout), Ayme and I decided to do our own blog thing. There was no falling out, we’ve been friends for over 10 years and a blog is not going to wreck that. It was a mutual decision based on how different we are and how differently we approach blogging. If you’ve been following us on coffeeslag, you’ll notice that Ayme is the more colorful and trendy one and I’m. . .devoid of color. We’re also different in how we approach the actual work that goes into blogging. So I hope no one is too confused! Ayme will continue doing work on coffeeslag and I will be doing work on this and we still meet up and chill all the time.

So be patient while I try to build this and transfer my work from coffeeslag to here. It’s going to be a slow process but I hope you’ll stick around!