Upgrade Your Tech

Upgrading Your Tech 


From as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a techie.

Well, maybe not a full blown tech nerd. But if you gave me the choice between, say, a diamond necklace and a brand new state of the art laptop? I’d pick the laptop. If you gave me the choice between earrings or that new iPad pro? IPAD PRO!

I’ve always been a huge lover of gadgets and laptops and phones and basically anything that makes life easier or more fun. I mean, what am I going to do with a necklace, besides lose it (yes, I’m that girl). I’d rather have something I can put to use.

Being someone who’s also in love with fashion and design, I like being able to mix the two. I mean, tech gadgets aren’t necessarily the prettiest of gadgets. You’ve got the iPhone 6 in rose gold now (thanks Apple!) but you still put on different cases to showcase your fresh individuality. Since these gadgets are something one uses every day, upgrading how you showcase them is important!


When Fab reached out with an offer for a collaboration, I did what I always do when companies reach out and immediately checked out their site. And when I checked it out, I realized that I had been there before!

Fab is one of those e-commerce platforms where they sell not just well known brands like Social Native but also up-and-coming designers. It’s basically where you would go to find things you wouldn’t find anywhere else, those funky unique items that no one else will really have (unless they go to Fab).


Fab is this amazing site that sells really unique and funky items. They sell clothing, home items, original art prints. . .you name it, they have it. In fact, just visiting the site again right now made me start bookmarking all the other items I want to buy. The best part about it is that they have this whole section on tech.

So yeah, let’s get back to the tech talk. When Fab reached out to me with this collaboration offer, I went on their site and immediately went to their tech section. Don’t get me wrong, they had other awesome items (like this awesome shopping tote or this cute cactus pouch!) but my eyes gravitated to their tech section. I kind of already had an idea of what I wanted but I still ended up with about 30 open tabs (because I basically want EVERYTHING).


I’ve been looking for a cool way to display my Apple Watch. I’m not really a fan of how the watch has to be charged (basically just a cord and your watch can easily slip off) and I had seen this on Tamira’s blog a long time ago and fell in love. It displays your watch so beautifully and it’s every blogger’s dream. . .marble.


When I saw that Fab had this watch stand (and the corresponding gorgeous iPhone charging stand) I had to get both. My prior charging situation was basically a mess of cords and wires that my boyfriend and I always argued about. Having a set place to keep all my gadgets charged and charged in a aesthetically pleasing manner was perfect.


I also picked up this super cool cinema lightbox that came with a bunch of letters and emojis. This is my new favorite room accessory! I’ve seen it in a few tumblr posts and on Instagram and love how fully customizable it is. When it turns 10pm or 11pm, my boyfriend and I turn off the main lights in the apartment and just turn on this little lightbox. It has a LOT of power and you have the choice to use batteries or a DC adaptor. It’s really such a funky add on to the room and my boyfriend, who normally argues with me about all decorating ideas :: sigh ::, actually loved it. We currently have both of our cats names on it (yes, we’re disgusting cat people) and we’re always changing it. If you follow me on Snapchat (@nicomymoto), you’ll always see it right before I go to bed. Perfect room decor!



Fab is seriously becoming one of my favorite sites. I love that they sell a mix of already known brands and random artists. There’s a few wallpaper decorations that have my name on it and really witty political tees. There’s also super cute phone accessories, earrings and. . .well, just so much more.

Fab is also offering readers the chance to win a $1000 shopping spree with Fab! OMG, I can think of sooo much that I’d want to buy. In order to qualify, just fill out THIS entry form. You can also qualify for extra entries if you follow/like Fab on their social platforms. The contest ends on July 15th so hurry!



Cinema Lightbox

iPhone Rose Gold Standing Charger

Apple Watch Marble Stand

These are a few of the other items that I had in my shopping cart which I LOVED:

PicMonkey Collage

[1]  This standing ladder is PERFECT for those minimalists out there who are looking for a chic way to display that week’s accessories or clothing. LOVE it.

[2] If you love to entertain, this tray is freaking adorable!! I’d probably use this even if I weren’t entertaining. Hello perfect Instagrammable life!

[3] I have one of those table top Crosley players but I’d totally upgrade to this super cute retro turntable. I love the legs on it and would use it as a focal piece in my living room!

[4] These signs have gotten so popular lately. I mean, go on Instagram and you’ll see them everywhere. I love this one in particular, because it reminds me to HUSTLEHUSTLEHUSTLE. It’d be perfect above the turntable or over your bar or even over your desk.

[5] I love anything gold or copper and if it’s in the shape of a pineapple, avocado or watermelon slice, I’m there. This pineapple tumblr is perfect for summer and I love that the top can be used as a base!

Let me know what you guys love from Fab in the comments!