Sweet Chick LES: A Mouthgasm

Sweet Chick LES: A Mouthgasm

Sweet Chick LES

I am a fried chicken freak. If I had a last meal, it would be fried chicken (most likely Popeyes). When I get married, I’m going to have a special table just of fried chicken. I love fried chicken.

Now that I sound like a fried chicken freak, let’s move on.

Growing up in NJ, there weren’t many options for fried chicken. I really just had KFC (which I hated). When I got older, we had Popeyes. As I moved to NYC, I became really excited at the prospect of eating more. . fried chicken.

Sweet Chick LES

Sweet Chick is located on a quiet block (well, quiet on week nights) on Ludlow Street.

I gathered two of my friends and asked them to meet me at Sweet Chick LES, a restaurant that specializes in some of the best fried chicken and waffles in New York. They label themselves as American cuisine with a Southern accent: rustic but modern American comfort food. They have locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan but we went to the Manhattan location.

Sweet Chick LES

Sweet Chick LES

Drinks are served in cute little mason jars. 

Sweet Chick LES is located on Ludlow Street, on a fairly quiet part of the street and has beautiful open air windows. I requested a seat by the window and it was perfect for people watching. The table was pretty small, so we were kind of squished, but it made for an intimate dining experience. There were a few more 2 seater tables in the front and some larger tables in the back.

Sweet Chick LES

Sweet Chick LES

My friends decided to order appetizers (they weren’t that hungry, which. . .what?!), while I ordered the chicken bucket.

Sweet Chick LES

Sweet Chick LES

My friend Lauren ordered the Crawfish Hush Puppies ($9) which were SUCH a good choice. They were hot and crispy and the jalapeno jam was a great accompaniment.

Sweet Chick LES

She also ordered the Pork Belly Nuggets ($10) which were served with kimchi and pickled watermelon. I actually thought this was the weaker dish of the night. The nuggets were a little tough and I think we were expecting them to be a little more tender.

Sweet Chick LES

My friend Kyle ordered the Kale BLT Salad ($12) which I thought was the clear winner of the night. The lemon vinaigrette was so fresh and the bacon was perfectly cooked. We demolished this!

  Sweet Chick LES

Sweet Chick LES

I ordered the Sweet Chick Bucket ($18), which came with 3 pieces of fried chicken, a biscuit and a side of mashed potatoes.

The breading was crispy, the chicken was tender and my only complaint is that there wasn’t too much flavor in the chicken but that’s nothing a little honey and hot sauce can’t fix.

Sweet Chick LES

I hear that Sweet Chick LES has an amazing brunch menu and I’m sure it would be a fun place to go with your friends and walk around the neighborhood afterwards. Same with dinner, there are so many bars you could go to in the neighborhood.

Sweet Chick LES

Sweet Chick LES

178 Ludlow Street

New York, NY

(646) 657-0233

  • Such a great post. I love that neighborhood around Ludlow <3
    xx Fiona THEDASHINGRIDER.com

  • Katja Knox

    The food looks amazing – and I spy with my little eye Bronx Brewery? Please to be telling more. I am, should I say, a beer fiend and that totally peeked my interest 😀 xxx

  • Looks like a great place to eat 🙂 I love the water glasses btw!

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  • Kitty Limon

    I love fried chicken, this blog just made me hungry lmao looked absolutely delicious 🙂

  • Tabitha Shakespeare

    This looks like the cutest little restaurant! Being from Texas fried chicken is one of my main food groups so now I know where to go when I visit New York!

  • Rachael

    I grew up in NJ too! I had never experienced great fried chicken until we briefly moved to NC! Great post!

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    food looks so yummy!!

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    All that food is so delish. who doesn’t love fried chicken

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    YUM that all looks so good but seems a tad expensive….I guess that is NYC for you though 🙂

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    That looks like my kind of place!

  • Saving Common Cents

    Oh, my. These offerings look amazing. I think I could be a fried chicken freak too if we had better options like this! KFC just doesn’t cut it. At all. lol

  • Amanda S

    Your pictures are beautiful! The food looks delicious!!

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    Oh. THere are some winners there. i love eating out period. Some of these dishes look extra special!

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    Rita | http://www.styleroundtheclock.com

  • Debbie

    Oh, I am drooling over here. Like you, I grew up only having KFC. When I started dating someone from Philly, I was introduced to Popeyes (which is my favorite now.) However, just the quick glimpse at the menu you showed and the photographs of the food! Yum! That would be worth a trip to NYC.

  • ohmummymia

    looks like a lovely place with delicious food

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    OH I almost jumped out my seat when I saw this is in NY! I CAN GO THERE AHHHHH…adding to my Birthday Foodie Bucket list for next mth.. OH MAN this looks so good!

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    I also knew KFC then for fried chicken, then I tried Popeyes and they were better. I am not sure where else I have tried it better.

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    xx Yasmin


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