Review: September 2016 BOTM Choice

September Book of the Month: My Review

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I’ve always been a reader. I’m talking, 2-3 books a week, stacks of books on the floor, books EVERYWHERE kind of reader.

Of course, as I got older and more busy (hello 9-5, grad school and blogging), my free time got less and less and my reading became limited to e-books on my iPhone on 10 minute train rides.

book of the month

However, a part of me missed having a book, an actual book in my hands. I missed flipping through pages, bookmarking them and hey, sometimes my phone would die and then what would I do!?

I had heard of Book of the Month before but never really signed up for it because I thought it was too expensive. But as I started looking up book prices on Amazon, I realized that BoTM actually came out to be pretty affordable. Book of the Month has all brand new books, books that cost around $15-20 each on Amazon. If you wait to get a deal on BoTM (and they have them a lot!), it comes out REALLY affordable. I waited until they offered a 3 month plan for 50% off, which came out to about $25.

With BoTM, you get to choose a book a month. There’s quite a few choices but if you don’t like any of the choices, you can always skip that month.

book of the month

Each Book of the Month package has a written note inside!

I’m a huge fan of mysteries so this month, I chose The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena (you can find it for $16, here on Amazon). The book was a pretty easy read but I do have to say, I wasn’t too much a fan of the writing. There’s definitely a few twists and turns but the constant switching between viewpoints got tiring and the plot turned a little Lifetime movie-ish. The book has solid good reviews so I’m probably one of the few who just wasn’t a fan.

Book of the Month is currently doing a $5 for a one month “try out” which is an awesome deal since these books retail over $15. You can try it for the month and if you don’t like it, it was only $5! You can sign up for it here, using the code BOTM5!

* This review is not sponsored. I paid for this subscription myself.

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