Popsugar Must Have Box October 2016

October 2016 Popsugar Must Have Box Review

popsugar must have

Another month, another box!

This mini review comes a little late, mostly because it’s been PAPER SEASON HELL at school and my brain has turned into mush writing 10 page papers every day. But anyways, that’s not why you guys come here.

Let’s get on to it!

popsugar must have

Popsugar so kindly sent me over another box, their Popsugar Must Have, and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. It has been so crazy rainy in NYC, especially last week, and this Henri Bendel umbrella is so handy. I love that’s striped and small enough to fit in my bag BUT also strong enough to withstand that crazy NYC wind. Seriously digging it. And you can’t go wrong with more umbrellas. With me, umbrellas are like socks. I just keep losing them.

popsugar must have

I also got this awesome mug and hot cocoa to go with it! Okay, I was in major need of a new mug because my cat likes to do this annoying thing where he thinks it’s fun to kick cups off the counter. I’ve broken so many mugs this way. I love this Rise & Shine mug, it’s super thick and hefty. And I love that the hot chocolate is DARK hot chocolate! I’m all about the dark chocolate and now this box is looking like it’s theme is “Stay Home on a Rainy Day, Make Hot Cocoa and Read a Book” because that’s exactly that I wanted to do after opening this box.

popsugar must have

I have not had a chance to try the body wash or the makeup eraser yet so I cannot give you a full review on it, but I have tried the eyeliner and. . .well. . .let’s just say I’m still gonna stick to my Kat Von D. The pigment isn’t that strong, but I can see myself using it to go over any thick lines again. We also received the Lisa Sugar book (and I actually have two of these now!) which is a great read for anyone looking into starting their own business.

Thanks Popsugar for this box and if you’re interested in signing up for this monthly box of fun, sign up HERE and get $5 off your first box (use code SHOP5)!

  • This seems like a great box! How do they determine your personality to send the right stuff?

  • Sassy

    This looks like such a great box! All the items inside are so cute! Would have to consider this as a gift to my besties <3

  • I keep seeing these pop sugar boxes everywhere. They are really cool and it looks like they have fun stuff in them.

  • Rose Mont

    Just between the book and the mug (plus the cocoa is a bonus) it looks like a nice box. Plenty of items I would get multiple use out of.

  • Great box! I’d love that drinking chocolate. I’m sure it’s delicious.

  • Borei Design

    Neat box! I love seeing the different collection of items that come in these boxes. Thanks for sharing.

  • Casey Fossett Powers

    Those subscription boxes look like so much fun!

  • I would love to gift this box for Christmas! Such fun items to enjoy for women!

  • Internationalcaty

    This is such a great gift idea for your girlfriends. I love it.

  • Janine Good

    What a great collection for yourself or a gift! Subscription boxes look fab! I wish we had them in Canada.

  • Shelby Bromley

    Cool gift idea! I love the mug.

  • Saccharine Soul

    That mug looks PERFECT and I am so adding that book on my list! Will you review it?

  • I am always up for drinking chocolate:) super sute mug too. I have not bought into the subscription box thing but this does make it very tempting!

  • Love all the items in this box – they are so adorable! I REALLY want that mug 🙂

  • Ariana Gremling

    So many awesome goodies! Love the mug!

  • Devika Bhagwat

    Love the goodies. Cute packaging. I want that mug! Thanks for sharing.

  • I got this box too and I was so happy with it! I haven’t tested the liner yet – I hope it works better for me than it did for you. I actually got a mini of the Kat Von D liner in a past Sephora Play box and I didn’t like it at all 🙁 So maybe the Revlon will be my type!

  • Jennifer

    Such a cool idea! All of the products you received look great! I would love to receive a subscription box like this!

  • Neha Thapliyal

    love the items in this box, and cute packing too. I think i gotta try these subscription boxes soon.

  • That mug looks like something I’d keep glued to my hand for the fall and winter!

  • What a naughty cat! haha, that is a bit cute though.
    Agreed dark chocolate is the best!
    xx Jenelle

  • I have heard good things about that eyeliner but, yeah, I don’t think there’s really any comparison to the Kat Von D tattoo liner. I was looking forward to learning about the makeup eraser. haha. The book looks like something I would like, too!

  • This looks like such a good box and so seasonally appropriate! I am completely the same with umbrellas AND socks!! And Kat Von D’s tattoo eyeliner is a staple for me too lol.

    xx freshfizzle