Reads of the Week: January 6th, 2017

New Year, New Me!

No, I kid I kid. Kind of.

Although one of my “resolutions” or attempts for this year is to get more serious about blogging. I thought I’d bring back something that I started last year but never stayed consistent with. That is to share what my five favorite reads of the week were.

I started blogging because I loved reading blogs. I read blogs more than I read magazines. I could read blogs allllllllll day and I have so many that I’ve favorited and kept to read and re-read. I mean, blogging is around for a reason right? And that is for people like me (like us!) who like to read what content is out there to be consumed. I don’t only blog, I read blogs. So I thought I’d start that weekly process of sharing which blog posts stood out to me.


Pint Sized Beauty : The Evolution of My Blog Photography

Since I’ve been really trying to work on my blogging game, I loved reading this post by Pint Sized Beauty (who has been in the blogging game way longer than I have) and  how she described how her photography has changed since she’s started. Hello, are you me?! Definitely taking tips from her!


Viva Luxury: Cold Shoulder

I love reading Viva Luxury’s blog because, while our styles may not be similar, her photos are always so beautiful to look at. This OOTD is a little more feminine than I would normally like, but she looks gorgeous in that dress and just kills it.


Happy To Wander: 10 Blogging Skills You can Improve in 2017 For Only $10

This post goes into that theme of wanting to better myself for 2017 and Happy To Wander DELIVERS. She went through all the courses offered at Udemy and handpicked the ones with the best ratings and best reviews. I’m definitely going to be taking some of these courses (only $10!!!) in an attempt to get more SEO/social media saavy.


Five Five Fabulous : Best of Travel 2016

just discovered this blog this week and basically, I’m kicking myself for not finding it earlier! She has gorgeous photos and amazing style and is the perfect mix of style and travel. I’ve been brainstorming how I could slowly transform my blog into a travel blog but still keep fashion/lifestyle mixed in and this is basically my #goals.


Drew Scott : Posing For Outfit Photos (Tips + Tricks)

This one isn’t a blog post but a Youtube video and I really have to thank Allie from Allie NYC for sending this over to me. I did a mini shoot with her last week and she sent this to me afterwards and it was so HELPFUL. If you guys have been on my blog, you know I recently talked about how hard it can be to take OOTD or blog photos when you’re super shy and introverted. My posing is not natural at all and so very awkward and I’m really trying to work on that and Drew Scott made this great little tips video to help with Instagram OOTD poses. I learned a few new things and also got a little excited that one of the tips he mentioned, I was already doing (the Pinterest board of blogger poses, find mine here, I’m still working on adding more to it).

Honorable Mentions

Not Your Standard : Why You Need Eye Cream 

Kendie Everyday : Favorite Beauty Products 2016

I love sharing and supporting my fellow bloggers and if there’s a post that you’d like to recommend (even if it’s your own!), leave it in the comments!