A Weekend In The Life Of. . .Philadelphia Road Trip

Philadelphia Road Trip
philadelphia road trip

Living in New York, you start getting really insular. Because there’s just so much stimulation and so many different parts of New York, with different vibes and a different soul, it can be easy to just settle. Add in the fact that most NY’ers don’t have cars and have to rely on public transportation, it can be ages before anyone does any actual road trips.

Thankfully, one of my friends has a car and is always down for mini road trips, so we decided to do a Philadelphia road trip. It’s a fast drive, about an hour and a half, and there’s enough to see that we stayed pretty busy.

philadelphia road trip

After a quick pit stop at Starbucks, we finally got to our destination, Reading Terminal Market. Before setting off to explore (and there’sย a lot to explore), we got breakfast at Down Home Diner.

philadelphia road trip

Down Home Diner gave me massive New Jersey feels. It’s the kind of food you’d find at any NJ diner and with decent prices. We wereย starving so we definitely gobbled this all up.

philadelphia road trip

Gotta have that Tapatio on hand!

After we ate, we explored the market. . .which is so freaking big! It was so crowded and since it was a Saturday, the foot traffic was insane. I had to hold Ayme’s hand the whole time since I basically got sensory overload. Any food you could imagine was in that market, along with actual mini restaurants and people eating.

philadelphia road trip

I didn’t get these giant jawbreakers but I did pick up some chocolate covered Oreo’s which I thought would last at least a week but ended up disappearing within 2 days…how did that happen?!

philadelphia road tripI also picked up a few different types of bacon, at a half pound each. I bought the pepper bacon and the black forest garlic bacon, which were both delicious in two very different ways. The black forest garlic bacon was super thick and soooo flavourful while the pepper bacon was thinner and more like your typical diner bacon. I also picked up a half a pound of bacon ends and pieces and sidenote, funny story about that one. . .I didn’t realize that bacon end and pieces were typically meant for flavoring (googling showed me that it can be used with beans or chili to create that smokey taste) and the first time I tried it, I fried it. When I put it in my mouth, it was the weirdest taste. It tasted very smokey, not salty at all and was really tough. Basically. . .not good.

philadelphia road tripphiladelphia road trip

Our last stop, after wandering around for almost two hours, was at the famous donut stand Beiler’s. This place had a line that wrapped around two other stores. The wait was about 15-20 minutes before you could order. The donuts are about $1 each and almost everyone got a dozen. The donuts were pretty good but I am super biased and I think NYC definitely does it better.

We finished wandering around Reading Terminal at around 2pm and since we still had time to kill on our Philadelphia road trip, our next destination was Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, which Ayme had been to earlier this year with one of her friends. She promised me that it would be a fun location to take photos in and she was right. The Magic Garden is basically a place for artists in the community to get together and showcase their work. It’s extremely creative and not like a museum at all. The art is basically everywhere you look, and even anywhere you step.

philadelphia road tripa reminder to stay in the present

philadelphia road tripthe walls and floors are all murals made up by different artists. it’s really so amazing to look at

philadelphia road trip ย philadelphia road trip

The Magic Gardens has installments both inside and outside. The above two photos are some of the inside art while the one below is from outside.

philadelphia road trip

We had such a great day on our Philadelphia road trip. We had no real plans, just a car and a Yelp app. Philadelphia is such a short drive from NYC that it’s definitely somewhere I would go more often (if I had a car!).

What about you guys? Are there any cities near you that you like to take mini road trips to?

  • natasha

    Hi love the blog. I’m from new york to you made me want to try all the different types of bacon

  • Cynthia Williamston

    I love Philadelphia farmer’s markets. They have fresh made pastries, fresh bread, and hand made sausages. Can you tell that I am a foodie…lol

  • Neha Verma

    It seems like you not only had a great trip, you discovered a great weekend destination that you will like to go again and again. And why not? If I were living there, I would go to philadelphia just for that plate of food at Down Home Diner. It looks so delicious ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Love your blog, amazing outfit and photography.

  • Hra

    Your outfit is amazing!! i really love it … i like every single photo … you make me to do a road trip in Philadelphia ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Love30

    The magic garden is definitely somewhere I would love to go, full of inspiration! And hello to your dress! Love your style . Ree Love30

  • Ance

    Amazing trip amazing style and very delicious food! Great post !

  • Sage Sheppard

    I’d love to go to the Magic Gardens. It looks like calming fun.

  • Louise Smith

    It looks like you had a fab time on your road trip. I think I would enjoy eating where you did – the food looks absolutely divine!!

    Louise x

  • Jhumki Nag

    Have been to Philly but you showed some awesome places. Loved them. Can’t wait to go again!!

  • Julie Porter

    I didn’t realize that Philadelphia was such a short drive from NYC! The Magic Garden looks like such a wonderful place, so many fantastic installments. That is definitely something I would love to see if I was ever in Philadelphia. It looks like you had a wonderful time on your road trip!

  • I LOVE your outfit!! The colors and sheerness are just perfect. Last time I road tripped was to Seattle, where incidentally my friend and I stumbled upon a Denny’s… with a full bar inside. Oh the weird places you end up!

  • Basim Tells

    love the breakfast. walls are amazing. looks cool place to be at.

  • Ashley @irishred02

    The magic garden looks beautiful! I went to Philly but didn’t get to explore much, looks like I need to get back

  • Sara Normand

    I was just in Philly last weekend for a business trip. It’s one of my favorite places and it’s cheaper than NY!

  • I’ve never been to Philly but it looks like an amazing city to visit! Love the photoshoot spot you found.

  • So cool! I’ve never been to Philadelphia. I hope one day!

    I can’t believe someone would pay $15 for a giant jawbreaker. Yikes!

    That bacon sounds delicious.

  • Brandi Kennedy

    The Magic Garden seems like a really fascinating place to walk through – it’s cool that the art is along the walkways, too, so that there’s almost literally something great to see at every turn! Glad you had such a great day.

    And you breakfast? Made me hungry.

  • Laura Hutchins

    $15 for a jawbreaker! Cripes, that’d want to last you weeks.

  • Nazy Nazy

    loved your outfit <3

  • Wow, the art of the bottles and other rubbish looks very cool. Glad you had a great day. We always try and go on mini road trips. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Leo T. Ly

    I’ve never been to philadelphia, but I’ve been to quite a few saturday market. These markets are crazily busy and it’s just a bit too crowded for me. I prefer to go in the summertime, where I can go outside if the inside is too crowded.

  • Jazz

    One, those jawbreakers are MASSIVE!!! Two, I’d so love to visit the Magic Gardens to admire all of the wonderful art there! Your pics are wonderful. Thank you for sharing! By the way, I love your dress. It’s beautiful!!