Back to the ’90s with Bite Lip

’90s Lip with Bite

bite lip productsI was super excited when Influenster reached out to me and let me know that I’d have the chance to receive and review Bite products. I’ve been a huge fan of Bite lip products; if I were to be honest, they would probably be my fave lip products because of how pigmented and moisturizing their lipsticks are.

I was sent two lip pencils and two mini lipsticks. The pencil and lipsticks were both matching colors. The colors are 020 and 044. The colors were a little interesting…I wouldn’t say that they would be colors I would choose to wear on myself. 020 is a nude color that, on my skin tone, is basically a skin toned nude. When I tried it on, I looked a bit washed out. I think it would look better on someone with a lighter or darker skin tone than me, so that it shows a bit of contrast. On me, I kind of just looked like a corpse.

bite lip products

The other color, the 044, I was super excited about because it’s that almost ’90s brown. Remember in the ’90s when all the girls would line their lips in brown and brown lipstick was the cool thing to wear? Well, the minute I saw this lipstick, I was excited.

Until. . .until I actually tried it on. I guess there’s a reason I never wore brown lipstick. It just. . .did not look good on me. I looked like I made out with poop. Or. . .with a brownie. Or a chocolate cookie. Maybe it was my application or the clash with my skin tone, but it just did not look right on me.

bite lip products

So. . .let’s get to the rundown:

The colors. . .did not look good on me. However, Bite stayed true to its excellent formula and delivered on the creamyness and richness of the product. There was actually a moment where it was almost a bit too creamy and I had to blot and then reapply. I think a part of that is because I’ve gotten so used to matte lips now (LOVE the matte lip trend!) that a sheen or shine feels unnatural to me now. But, if you have drier lips, this is definitely your jam.

Even though I didn’t enjoy these lip products that much, Bite lip products still remain my favorite lips product brand (NARS a very close second).

If you’d like to shop this line, I’ve highlighted some of my fave funky colors below:

Have you guys tried Bite lip products? And if so, what are your thoughts?