Book of the Month: May 2017

Book of The Month: May 2017

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Something you guys probably didn’t know (or maybe you did??) is that I love to read. In fact, I’m in an informal book club with two of my best friends. We pick a book (everyone gets to choose) and at the beginning of the month, we start to read. Last month, we implemented a rule where we could only read up to a certain chapter each week. I’m a fast reader and if a book is good, I can read the whole thing in one day…which I’ve done so so so many times. I’ll have to admit that I didn’t stick by that rule but I promise to next time.

Anyways, because of my book love, I wanted to share a subscription box with you guys. I’ve actually tried it on my own (bought my own 3 month subscription) and I’m going to gift my friends a subscription as well. Basically, every month you get to choose from a list of books that are recommended by various people in various fields. There’s a wide variety of books (either suspense, love, drama, biography) and each book comes with an explanation of why it was chosen. You can also choose to add additional books for an extra $9.99.

THIS MONTH I’m super excited about the subscription because they are offering the latest book by Paula Hawkins (writer of Girl On The Train) with any new Book of the Month subscription. So, you get your book of the month AND her latest book. Two for the price of one. Can’t be beat, right?

Up until May 21st, use the code WATER to get a three month subscription for $30 (that’s $10 a book) AND a free copy of Into The Water by Paula Hawkins. Or, if you’re an existing BoTM subscriber, you can add it for $9.99.


Because it’s just in time for Mother’s Day, if you gift a subscription to someone, you’ll receive a free month for yourself! Give a little something, get a little something, right? You can find out more of those details here.

Well, summer is coming, so…get reading! I’ve got a trip to Germany planned, so definitely going to be taking a few of these books along!

  • Sonja

    Great post- summer is coming and I am trying to get my reading list ready. This is a great one to add.

  • Hannah Chau

    Great recommendations. Making notes for my holiday reads this year!

  • Kanishka Acharya

    This is awesome! love the idea and the picture looks so beautiful nice snap!

  • David Elliott

    That’s cool that you get a months product with the giving of a subscription to someone else. I’m a librarian and I’m all about the books.

  • Very cool. Love the idea of a book subscription service.

  • Thank you for this. I also love to read, so this box would be perfect for me.

  • Tiffany Meiter

    This is a great idea! I kind of love the idea of a book club too

  • I just finished reading a novel so I’m looking for a new book to read. I will have to check these out and see if there’s something I would like to read!

  • That is amazing. I love to read, but with two little ones the only books I have time for are audiobooks. I will have to remember this for when I get to read again.

  • Neha Saini

    Thank you for this. I don’t love reading much but yeah! these book can be perfect gifts for friends who love reading.

  • militaryfamof8

    Thank you for sharing, I am finally getting into reading and having me time, so I will enjoy this 😉

  • Fillia Barden (www.WomanOfCour

    Interested to read Pachinko

  • lexhan

    just started developing a good habit of reading, this is a good addup to my list for now. thanks for the headsup.

  • Sharon Brand

    I also love to read and this is why I found this post so interesting! Thank you for sharing this and your code as well, xx

  • I can’t wait for my semester to end so that I can start reading things I want to read again! I love that there is a subscription box for books. Time to buy another bookcase!

  • Kaleigh Bulone

    what a cool service!!

  • Aireona93

    I’m so busy, I rarely get to read for fun, but I need to work on that, because I love reading. This is a some great inspiration!

  • Tania Berry

    Sounds great. I love reading on the beach! Always looking for new books!

  • Natalie Ayse

    I love to read too so enjoyed this post. Thank you.

  • Jennifer Quattrucci

    This is so amazing because I actually love to read but I’ve been so consumed by all my daily responsibilities I haven’t had the time. Luckily my school will be out soon so I can start again and I will start with your suggestions!

  • Rachael Celine Sia

    These look like such great reads thanks for the recommendations