Get It Together!

Get It Together!

erin condren

Having a full time job (9-5), going to grad school at night (6-9) and juggling two different blogs can be. . .well, the word insane comes to mind. At any given time, my mind will be running in three different veins; work, school, blog. There are times when I feel like a cartoon character whose head inevitably pops off, followed by a stream of smoke.

erin condren

erin condren

I started looking for planners about a year ago and found some decent ones here and there but never really found one that could fully encompass all the craziness happening in my life. When the Erin Condren LifePlanner™ team first reached out to me, it was almost like a light beaming down from heaven, guiding light to a disorganized me.

Honestly, for how much I scour the internet, I wasn’t aware that you could make fully customized planners. I mean, I’m sure if I really researched it, I would have known, but it just didn’t occur to me. But with Erin Condren™ , you can create a fully customized planner. If you want, you can do a weekly or monthly or daily sheet. Or even a mixture of both. You can choose from different planner covers or even upload your own.

erin condren

erin condren

I chose a daily planner. I almost chose a weekly calendar, but I already previously owned a weekly calendar and ended up never writing in it. I’m so disorganized, yet OCD that a weekly calendar was wasted on me. I’m the type that needs to know, by the hour, where I need to be. Because my schedule is completely insane, I need to know that at 6:30, I’m going to be at this location or that on Monday from 8:00AM-8:30AM, I’ll be doing this activity. It keeps me regulated and perfectly on time.

erin condren

erin condren

Okay, that’s just one of the things I liked about the calendar. The other? OH MAN, all the fun extras! I’m talking, different stickers or post it’s or embellishments. They have Happy Birthday stickers or money stickers, any sticker you could possibly want. They have stickers themed in feminine patterns or bright patterns. I love that the add on’s aren’t just about scheduling your day (which can be tedious) but also adds joy and fun to doing it, making it something you look forward to. I’ve already added fun emoji stickers to all my friends birthdays or drink stickers to when I’m meeting friends for happy hour. It gives you something to look forward to and a little bit of joy when you add something new to your calendar.

erin condren

erin condren

So. . .a quick rundown!

You can choose a normal planner if you’d like but I think, if you’re gonna go big, you gotta go hard. You can check out the fully customizable Life Planner here and there are a few different options (I’ve italicized the options that I chose & therefore the ones you see in the photos).


12 Month Planner (July 2017 – June 2018)

12 Month Planner (January 2018 – December 2018)

18 Month Planner (July 2017 – December 2018)



Hourly Layout

Vertical Layout

Horizontal Layout








Rose Gold



And side note: I’ve just recently gotten engaged so I’ve ordered even another planner, a WEDDING PLANNER! I’m so excited to start writing in that one!

And because I’m all about getting a good deal, you can use the code GETSOCIAL15 to get 15% off your purchase! Just make sure to use it before July 31st as it does expire! You can use it on any item on the Erin Condren™ site!

Also, if you’re hesitant to purchase, then at least check out the free downloads and printables here, to find items like greeting cards, wallpaper or activity sheets. So freaking cool!

*This post is sponsored by Erin Condren™ . As always, all opinions are my own*

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