Coffee Time


Le Creuset

I have my morning routine all set up. In the interest of saving money, I make my coffee and breakfast at home before I leave for work. I used to make my coffee in one of those old Mr. Coffee pots but it just didn’t fit my coffee needs.

Le Creuset

What are my coffee needs? I like my coffee to be DARK and BOLD because then I just bastardize it by adding cream to it. But I love that mix of dark and bold with cream and Mr. Coffee just wasn’t cutting it. With that old coffee maker, I was getting ridiculously watery coffee, that if I added milk to it, got even more watery.

Le Creuset

I was researching other coffee brewing methods but my needs for coffee are fast and strong. After a lot of research, I decided to go with the simple French Press method. I used to own a French Press but ended up tossing it because it was that cheap kind where the coffee grounds got into your coffee. . .no bueno.

Le Creuset

I also wanted something aesthetically pleasing and with the advent of blush pink being the color of 2017, I decided to go with the Le Creuset French Press in Hibiscus Pink. It holds the perfect cup (and a half!) of coffee and the best part is….no grounds!!

So How Do You Do It?

First, you boil the water. We have one of those machines that dispenses hot water at all times, so this part is easy.

Add the water to the press.

Put your coffee grounds on top of the mesh sieve and plunge into the press.

Wait 3-5 minutes and enjoy your coffee!

This has honestly made my mornings so much easier. And the quality of the french press is amazing, because, well it’s Le Creuset! It doesn’t crack or stain or get too hot. You can wash it in your dishwasher and it’s ridiculously easy to clean. I generally let it steep as I take a shower and once I get out of the shower, throw some cream in there and drink my coffee!

The storage canister perfectly matches the french press as well; it has this silicone ring along the edges so it keeps your coffee grounds fresh.

And because I need everything to match, I have 2 of the bistro cups in the same hibiscus pink. My kitchen is in pink overload and I’m honestly obsessed.

Le Creuset

My Coffee Supplies

French Press || Le Creuset

Storage Canister || Le Creuset

Mugs || Le Creuset

Le Creuset

I Want To Know

What’s your morning drink routine? Coffee, tea? And do you make it at home or are you a Starbucks/coffee shop person? Let me know in the comments!