Getting Wine-Y with Bella Vita : GIVEAWAY!!

Bella Vita Wine Bag

Giveaway Time!

bella vita giveaway

I’m almost too excited to share this with you guys so I’m just going to jump right in!

I’ve found the PERFECT bag for summer. Yes, you read that right. Perfect.

Not only is it beautifully nautical with gorgeous rope handles, it can hold TWO bottles of wine.

And by holding 2 bottles of wine, I don’t mean that you place two bottles of wine in the bag. No no no no no. I mean that you can pour two bottles of wine INTO the bag and, using the attached spout, bring it with you to all your summer activities!

bella vita giveaway



The Bella Vita bag comes with a zippered, insulated side pocket that will hold (and keep cold!) 1.5 liters of your favorite beverage (which is basically 2 bottles of wine, but who’s counting??). Whether that’s wine, vodka & cranberry or something non-alcoholic.

You will literally be the coolest person at the beach. AND the most popular.


bella vita giveaway


In the photo above, that little flap hides the wine spout. This way, no one will know just how much of a lush you are. You can casually lift up that flap and pour away.

I can’t even describe how much I love this bag. Normally, when you see bags like these (and I haven’t seen that many of these bags) the design is horrible. You’ll see tacky logos or ugly patterns. The one’s I’ve seen previously are not bags that I would carry around with me. But Bella Vita does an amazing job of making a beautiful bag that’s just as fun.


bella vita giveaway


I mean, this bag is perfect to bring with you to the beach or to a picnic. Take it to Central Park on a warm Sunday afternoon. Go on a sailboat with your friends and let it’s nautical stripes complete your look. Take it to the beach and take photographs of it next to gorgeous blue water.

Hint, hint: It also comes in RED.



Guess how much it is?

No, seriously, guess. . .


bella vita giveaway


It’s $39.95.

Yes, you read that right. This bag is less than $40. I was shocked when I saw the price for this. For the quality, I expected it to be $65 or $70. I would still pay $65 or $70 for this (but I’m pretty happy that I don’t have to).

While I do own a designer bag or two, this summer, this bag has become my go to on any day that I’m doing activities with my friends. It’s just so easy to fill, so cute to carry and so fun to drink from.


And that’s why I’m doing a  giveaway. A very simple giveaway and you get to own this bag as well.


You only need to do 3 things:

(1) Follow Bella Vita on Instagram HERE

(2) Follow me on Instagram HERE

(3) Comment on this post that you’ve entered


That’s all!

I’ll pick a winner by Monday, July 17th and ship the bag out to you.

bella vita giveaway

(FYI, this dress is from She-In & it’s only $21!! I know She-In gets a lot of flack sometimes but you really just need to know how to shop from their site and this dress has gotten me a million compliments and is probably my favorite dress to wear this summer. I think I’ll be doing a post about how to shop from She-In and include the items I’ve bought from there that I’ve worn again and again!)