Foodie Fridays: aRoqa

Foodie Fridays: aRoqa

As a New Yorker, trying out new restaurants is almost a given. It’s one of my favorite activities to try out with friends and a great way to check out new food.

Indian cuisine is one that I’m not all too familiar with. I had a very white-washed childhood; the majority of my food was American, consisting of burgers or hot dogs or steak. It wasn’t until I moved to NYC that I really started exploring different cuisines.


aRoqa is a newly opened Modern Indian restaurant located in Chelsea, with a menu of Indian & Western flaired dishes (such as kataifi wrapped mushrooms with goat cheese).

In case you were wondering, the name aRoqa comes from the word “roka” which is a term for an Indian engagement ceremony, where friends and family get together to eat and drink together.



The interior is Chelsea sexy, and by Chelsea sexy, I mean decorated in black with suede walls and accented with gold fixtures.

The drink menu is eclectic and. . .different, but different in the best ways. You’ll find cocktails with ingredients such as olive oil or peas or balsamic vinegar.

The presentation was top notch, with every cocktail coming out in a unique vessel with embellishments such as smoke or fire. The food dishes themselves were placed on little carriages or bicycles. There was definitely a lot of care taken to provide an experience for the diner.


I think this restaurant is a welcome addition to the restaurant scene in Chelsea, which admittedly, is not a neighborhood I venture out to that often. More for logistics reasons (my trains and work are on the East side) but with this new opening, I can see myself meeting a girlfriend at the bar for a drink and some appetizers or going here for a sexy date night.

If you’re in the area, make sure to check it out!


206 Ninth Avenue

(646) 678-5471