My Foray Into Korean Food

My Foray Into Korean Food

mommy sauces

Facts you may not know about me. . .I live with my in-laws and they’re Korean! Okay, that was fast.

Anyways, I’ve been attempting to cook Korean food for my in laws, particularly my father in law, who generally only eats Korean food. I’ve attempted a few dishes, following recipes to the T.

One of the biggest issues I’ve had has been trying to get all the sauces and ingredients correctly. In case you didn’t know, Korean food focuses a lot on sauces. Whether it’s in a soup, stew, meat dish or even over bibimbap, there’s sauce everywhere.

And have you ever been to a Korean supermarket? I’ve definitely spent at least 15-20 minutes, just trying to figure out what the bottle I was looking at was or what sauce it was.

When I looked at recipes of Korean food, it was always the sauce/stew area that got me. I would have the main ingredients like the chicken or meat or veggies, but carefully measuring out the liquid ingredients and trying to get that correct taste was always the toughest.

One day I was browsing some of my favorite Korean recipe blogs (I’ll link them below!) and I came across Mommy Sauces, which first caught my eye because of the super cute name and packaging and then grabbed more of my attention when I realized that the “Mommy” from the Mommy Sauces was the mom of Roy Choi!

mommy sauces

In case you didn’t know, Roy Choi is the creator of Kogi, the Korean taco truck. He became popular right around when a bunch of Korean chef’s began to gain traction in the food world and I remember following his journey. When he first came out, Korean food wasn’t really that popular and the concept of mixing Mexican and Korean (tacos!) was just unheard of it. His journey is so well known that there was even a movie loosely based on it (Chef!).

mommy sauces

So when I saw that he had come out with a line of Korean sauces from his Mom, I had to try it. There are five different kinds of sauces, all with super cute packaging.

The sauces are:
Bulgogi Sauce
Fish-Soy Base Sauce
Kimchi Sauce
Magic Sauce
Spicy Bulgogi Sauce

I was most excited about the Magic Sauce and the Spicy Bulgogi Sauce, however I found that I used the fish-soy base sauce the most. Do you know how many dishes use this?! Almost every dish uses it!

mommy sauces

If you’re going to start or attempt to cook Korean food and you’re not sure if you are quite ready to attempt the grocery store, these are GREAT options to try. My favorite part about them is that you don’t even need to go to a store or try to figure out shipping from a specialty shop. With these, you can order straight from Amazon and they’re only $12.95 each. And believe me, a little goes a long way.

mommy sauces

If you weren’t sure where to start looking for recipes, Mommy Sauce actually has a few video recipes on their site that are great for beginner cooks (like me!) and you can find those here.

mommy sauces

These are a few other Korean recipe sites that I love and check often. Maangchi is the most popular and has been around for ages (and has videos as well) but my favorite is Korean Bapsang for the simplicity.


Korean Bapsang

My Korean Kitchen

Kimchi Mari


Check these out and let me know in the comments:

Have you ever attempted cooking Korean food?

Or eating it?

I’d love to know your thoughts!