Snakku July 2017 Review

Snakku July 2017 Review

Snakku July 2017 Review

My favorite activity is snacking and I’m a huge fan of Japanese snack boxes. I love trying out snacks that you wouldn’t normally find in your local Target or deli. The awesome thing about the emergence of all these subscription boxes are that there’s now so many different kinds of snacks made available to you monthly and they’re all so unique!

This particular snack box is from Snakku. Before I get to the good part, I’ll list what they offer and the pricing. They have two sizes, a regular snack box and a tasting snack box. The regular is $38.95/month and the tasting is $15.75/month. Shipping is free if it’s within the United States. For Canada, it’s $5 and for anywhere else, it’s $15. They do offer discounts for 3 or 6 month subscription purchases. 

They also have a shop where some, but not all, of the snacks are available for individual purchase. 

Snakku July 2017 Review Snakku July 2017 Review

The boxes all come wrapped in this gorgeous reusable wrap, which I believe is called a washi furoshiki wrap. After you unwrap it, the snacks are in a box with a slide out drawer. The packaging is just gorgeous all around. 

It also comes with a thin little card that explains the months box. As you can see, this month was all matcha, and each item has a small description as well as the ingredients in each item.

Snakku July 2017 Review Snakku July 2017 Review

Even though I’m not the most delicate with my belongings (everything I own is dropped or scratched or broken), this box managed to keep everything well placed and organized. 

And with that, let’s start with the review!

Snakku July 2017 Review

This is the Matcha Waffle, which according to the description on the card is “twice baked, matcha infused waffles, filled with a lightly sweetened matcha cream”. 

My Thoughts: It was a little hard. When you think waffle, you think something soft, but this was almost like a cracker. Also, when you bit into it, the filling would cause the two waffle sides to slide apart from each other, making it a little messy to eat. Not my favorite. 

Snakku July 2017 Review

This is the matcha crepe roll, which is “an organic crepe cookie filled with premium matcha cream from Kyoto. Make yourself a nice cup of tea to compliment this delicious treat!”

My thoughts: A tad better than the matcha waffle. The packaging on this one is gorgeous and it was nice to eat it with tea. 

Snakku July 2017 Review

Uji Matcha Senbei: “Itohkyuemon’s most popular snack! These senbei are made using premium tea grown in the Uji region outside of Kyoto. The light crispy cracker is perfect as an afternoon snack”. 

My thoughts: Loved this one and again, loved the packaging. I’m a fan of light and airy crackers and these are exactly that, with a very mild taste. Perfect to snack on while reading a book!

Snakku July 2017 Review

Temari Monaka: these are “airy wafers, in the shape of a traditional Japanese Temari handball, stuffed with a creamy matcha filling”.

My thoughts: Again PACKAGING wow. And these are definitely super airy, however, the filling reminded me too much of red bean and I guess I’m not that big of a matcha fan because it was a little too much matcha. BUT if you are a matcha fan, then you would definitely love these!

Snakku July 2017 Review

Tsujirihei Cookie: “Tsuji Rihei is a premium tea shop which has been growing tea for over 150 years. Their teas are considered one of the best in Japan. We’re excited to be able to share their famous Matcha Langues-de-Chat cookie sandwich with you.”

My thoughts: LOVED this. The cookie is the perfect consistency of soft yet crumbly and the matcha cream inside is delicious and not too sweet (just how I like it). 

Snakku July 2017 Review

Matcha Latte: “Itohkyuemon is a famous tea-shop from Kyoto that has been producing premium green tea since 1952. They uphold tradition by handpicking all of their tea leaves and stone grinding their matcha. This packet of matcha is lightly sweetened and is perfect either hot or cold”.

My thoughts: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! This item was hands down my favorite item in this box. It’s funny because when I first opened it up and mixed it with the hot water, I didn’t think it would taste good. But it’s the perfect creamy and frothy taste without being powdery and I’ve already started googling where I can buy this. Luckily Snakku has it available for purchase on their site and believe me, I’m definitely stocking up on this. They’re the perfect travel size portion, you can just throw 1 or 2 or 5 into your bag for your work day. All you need is hot (or cold) water and you’ve got a matcha latte!

Snakku July 2017 Review

Sittori Matcha: “airy matcha cream-dipped biscotti”

My thoughts: Another LOVE! I’m not sure how these manage to stay so airy yet so flavour filled. It must be some kind of sorcery. This is the perfect snack and I’m eating it V E R Y   S L O W L Y as to savor every piece before it’s finally gone. LOVE this one. 

Snakku July 2017 Review

Matcha Harvest: “lightly sweetened, baked matcha cookies”

My thoughts: Delish! And I love that even in a larger bag, they’ve individually wrapped them in little packs of 3. Which makes it so much easier for portion control. These are very thin and remind me of packaged sugar cookies that my grandmother used to give me, except with a matcha flavour. 

Snakku July 2017 Review

Honey Butter Senpai: “baked corn senpai topped with a honey butter glaze and sprinkled with cheese and dried parsley”

My thoughts: Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure what to think of these. These were the ones with the most different taste in the whole box. They have a very mild taste which basically means I ate about 10 in one sitting trying to determine if I liked them or not. The final determination? They were okay. I wouldn’t throw them away but I wouldn’t reach for them in the snack aisle either. 

Iwai Matcha Candy: “matcha powder filled candy”

My thoughts: To be honest, I never got to the matcha powder inside. I’m not a fan of candies like these unless they’re heavily chocolate or coffee flavour. I had it in my mouth for about 3 minutes but wasn’t tasting anything. I’m sure this would be a great last minute addition to your bag if you’re hungry but. . they’re just not my jam.


My Overall Thoughts

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of matcha but this box opened my eyes to it a little and I found some items that I really loved. I’ve already ordered the matcha latte packets and am on the lookout for the matcha cream cookies.

You get a lot of snacks and certain snacks you get two of each, so in terms of longevity, they definitely last. I toss one or two a day into my lunch bag and it becomes something I look forward to for an after lunch snack.

What do you think? Does this sound like a snack box you would order? What are your thoughts on matcha?



  • This box looks incredible so pretty! And then full of matcha yummies I am in. Love this subscriptions so many good surprises inside.

  • Lauren Elizabeth

    I’m such a snacker too! I haven’t tried any Japanese snack though. Love the detailing on this box.

    Lauren |

  • Kelli Bailey

    These have to be some of the prettiest snacks I’ve ever seen! Haha, love the details!

  • So cute!! Japan does have the prettiest snacks!! I love the presentation!!

  • Olivia Stacey

    Love the presentation of these boxes. I haven’t tried anything like this before, but enjoyed reading your post!

  • So cute <3… Japanese snacks is one of my fav all time. But this is the first time I see something so cute.

  • Emmi Scott

    The snacks look amazing, but I was most blown away by the design of the box!

  • David Elliott

    I haven’t tried any of these snacks before but they do look delicious. I like to try out new things and this seems great.

  • jillconyers

    All of the snacks would be new to me so it would be fun to try them. The matcha cookies looks good.

  • Candy Rachelle

    Thank you so much for this post. I never knew this existed. My 12 year old daughter (for the life of her) feels Japanese snacks are the ultimate…even though she’s never had ANY. I say thanks because I’m about to order her a box! She’s going to LOVE IT!!!

    Happy Birthday to Me

  • Oh wow I haven’t heard of these Japanese snack boxes but would love to try 🙂

  • Jeannine Dippenaar

    wow, how pretty is their stuff? I would buy a snack box just to look at it. Think it is the prettiest green snack I have ever seen.

  • I don’t know how I feel about the matcha snacks. I really like matcha teas but I’m not always the biggest fan when it’s added into snacks and desserts.

  • CNA Photos

    The box is so beautiful packaged! Never tired any of these snacks but definitely interested in trying them out now!

  • Alison Ruth

    What a great way to discover & try new things! Love that they also have a snacking box option

  • Chastity

    Thanks Forbes sharing this subscription box, first seen your post on IG. I also love the packaging very pretty. The tea look so yummy.