Life Lessons: Drycleaners Are Your Friend

Life Lessons: Drycleaners Are Your Friend 

When I was but a poor millennial (well, I’m still a poor millennial), sending my clothes to the drycleaners felt ridiculous. I always grew up with a washer/dryer and I still currently have one in my apartment, so I always poo-poo’ed at the notion of paying someone to wash my clothes when I could do it myself. 

But within the past year, I came to the realization that there are just certain things that are better when sent to the drycleaner. The best example would be some of my Realisation Par dresses, where the dresses and tops are mostly made out of silk crepe and I’ve noticed after multiple washings that the fabric of some of the items started to change. Wools and silks that are made of natural fibers will dry clean beautifully, but put those same items into water and it can end up shrinking or losing its color (which is what happened to the dress I’m wearing, which is a much less vibrant red as it was when I first bought it). 



Another example is this Reformation dress which, after an accidental toss in with some cotton tees and some towels, got a bit pill-y. Since I’m not in the habit of continually buying clothes and instead try to use and re-use items already in my closet, starting to invest in dry-cleaning my clothes became a more appealing option. 



Which brings us to the teaching part of this post, which items you should dry clean. I’ve listed the most common ones and the ones that I set aside a small pile of weekly so I can drop it off at my local drycleaner. Additionally, if there are any stains or marks on the item that you’re bringing to the drycleaner, make sure to point it out to make sure it’s taken care of!


What Items Should You Dry Clean?

Silk shirts

Anything with beading or sequins or delicate embellishments


Items with pleats


Lately, when I have these dirty items, I always send them to the dry cleaner, especially if the items were pricey. I mean, if you’re spending over $300 on a dress, wouldn’t you want to make sure it’s well taken care of? And even if you didn’t spend $300 on a dress, if it’s an item that you love and care about, you’d want to keep it in pristine condition, no?

So . . . dry clean it! It’s definitely worth it and you’ll up the longevity of the item. It’s just one of those “adult” things I’ve relegated myself to. 



This post brought to you by my wrinkled Reformation slip dress, which could have definitely used a trip to the drycleaners!

  • Jennifer Quattrucci

    I definitely agree with you that a good dry cleaner is worth the money. I always take certain items to find cleaners because not only do they look better I feel they hold up better in the long run. I even take my dresses to be pressed before a photo shoot so I don’t need to spend the time ironing 😉

  • I totally go to the dry cleaners on a regular basis haha. As you grow older you tend to select clothing that is better quality and in order to take care of them sometimes you just have to use the dry cleaners. If it lasts longer that way, I’m all for it!

  • Zivanka Markovic

    Is it bad that I legit drop majority of my stuff at the cleaners that are dry cleaner acceptable? Haha. I love that you’re sharing this with others. Itll save a lot of time with conserving our clothes and maintaining them ♡♡

    Sweet as Fiction

  • Totally Understand you and I have so many expensive Clothing what I always take to the Dry Cleaner. A good Cleaner worth each cents what I spend there cause I prefer to take care well of my Pieces:)
    Ps: Loved the Red Dress and the Boots:)
    Kissses Hugs Karina


    Dry cleaners are expensive. But some items you can wash the same by hand, even if it s dry clean. You have to look at the composition. In my opinion, the centrifuge sometimes ruins more than the washing machine or the water. I mean this for wool and viscose. Just must experience

  • Sam

    You’re right! I’m definitely not washing a dress or item that I paid $300 or more for! I messed up an outfit before by trying to wash it on my own! Disaster! Love your boots by the way!

  • I completely agree that as we get older, we have better quality clothes and as a result of that, we need to take care of these quality pieces. I dry clean all of my nice blouses and sweaters (those chunky knits are a pretty bitch to clean) and of course coats and blazers. Thanks for this post.

    xo Sheree

  • Gina Diaz

    I love the dry clean and taking care of the pieces that require it. I know sometimes can be a little bit expensive, but is worth it. Loving your shoes.

    happy weekend sweetie! xx. Gina

  • Thank you for sharing the advantages that comes with dry cleaning those pieces that require dry cleaning. I’ve always liked sending the pieces to the dry cleaning when it says it on the tag for them to last longer avoiding shrink or lost of color. This is a good reminder tho 😉

    Thank you again for sharing…

  • Meghan Knudson

    I really need to start dry cleaning lol. Between the dropping it off and the cost, I never got myself to do it! But you’re right – sometimes it is necessary

  • I totally agree, there are certain materials that should only be dry cleaned. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way in the past and don’t ever want to feel sorry again, especially when it comes to investment pieces! Dry cleaning is really worth the extra money if it means you’ll get a lifetime of use out of your clothes.

    xo, Jo

  • Rose Mont

    I have used a dry cleaner on specific items but don’t use them on a regular basis. When I was in the military it was easier to send my uniforms there because they would get pressed. I hate ironing. The dry cleaner is definitely useful for some articles of clothes.