Let’s Talk Vitamins // Starting My Wellness Journey

Let’s Talk Vitamins || Starting My Wellness Journey

Care/of Vitamins

How many of you take your daily vitamins? Growing up, my parents were sticklers about vitamins. When I was in elementary school, I remember my Dad placing a little Flintstones’s vitamin next to my breakfast plate daily. When I was in high school or college, my parents were always trying to sneak vitamin bottles into my bags anytime they saw me. During our phone conversations, my mom always made sure to ask, “Are you taking your vitamins, Nic? Do you want us to get you some more?”.

Care/of Vitamins

Care/of Vitamins

When I moved out of the house, I took vitamins very sporadically. I took whatever my parents would give me (general multivitamins, probiotics or women’s health vitamins). I also swore by hair/skin/nail vitamins, which kept my nails strong and seemingly kept my hair long and strong.

I stopped taking vitamins about a year ago, mostly out of pure laziness. I had run out of my biotin and really just did not feel like going to Costco to pick up another bottle. I randomly take some of my fiance’s fish oil vitamins or vitamin C tablets but the act of that daily vitamin intake just disappeared. And again, to be completely honest, it was just pure laziness. Opening all the different vitamin bottles, trying to remember which one to take at which time of the day (did I need to eat? was this one at night? was this one in the morning?) just made me go, “Oh never mind, I’ll take this another day”.

Care/of Vitamins

I first heard about Care/of through Hannah Bronfman’s site, HB FIT. I’ve always admired her and her healthy lifestyle and anything she recommends, I always check out. The minute I clicked over on to Care/of‘s site, I was in love. They made the whole process of vitamins SO FUN and aesthetically pleasing!

So, when you first get on the site, you sit through a 5 minute survey. They ask you questions like your age or where you live. They ask you about your concerns, your health, your diet or your family history. They also ask you questions regarding how adventurous you are with vitamins. The reason for this is that they not only supply the basics like calcium or magnesium but they also supply herbal supplements and eastern medicine supplements.

Care/of Vitamins

the site is extremely user friendly & the quiz is fun to take!

Care/of Vitamins

Care/of Vitamins

Care/of really makes sure to keep your recommendations completely customized and asks you a series of questions to help determine what supplements would work best for you.

Care/of Vitamins Care/of Vitamins

After the quiz, Care/Of will tell you what your recommended supplements are, with extremely detailed information as well as give you the chance to add on to or build your own pack!

I thought it was so cool that they gave me recommendations based on where I live (NYC) as well. The recommendations are extremely detailed, telling you everything about the vitamin, including the research and exactly how it affects your body. You’re also allowed to shop from their catalog of vitamins if you’d like more choices than the ones given to you.

The vitamins come in these beautiful stand up packs that you can place in the most convenient part of your house or apartment (mine is next to my fridge, so I can pull out a bottle of water right before I take them). You’ll get a pack for the day and instructions on how to take them. The packs are super cute as well, with little sayings on them. It’s perfect for an on the go New Yorker, because I literally just grab a pack and down them, without worrying about which one to take or counting them out of each individual pill bottle. Or, if I don’t have the time to take them right then and there, I toss it in my bag so I can take it when I’m at work and at my desk.

   Care/of Vitamins

You can set it to deliver monthly and change what vitamins come in your pack. I went with their recommended vitamins and added a couple other ones that I felt I needed, like fish oil or magnesium.

Care/of Vitamins

This has definitely upped my vitamin game and has gotten me on a regular schedule again. My body feels good and healthy and it’s done that additional job of keeping me in a healthy mindset. The daily act of taking my vitamins has also reminded me to drink water more often, eat more vegetables or fruit and exercise. I think it may be that mental thing where, because I am actively taking vitamins (and therefore actively taking care of my body), it urges me to take charge of other parts of my lifestyle.

I waited a while to write this review because I wanted to see if I could actually stick a daily vitamin regimen. It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve received my Care/of packs and I can say that I’ve only missed one or two days. In the beginning, I was taking them with me to work, but I found that I’d forget they were in my bag (OOOPS, but I have to be honest, I did) and I found that the best time to take them, a time where I’d NEVER forget to take them, was right after dinner. That’s why, right now they are standing right next to my fridge, because that’s the area that I’ll inevitably go to every night. If you’re as undedicated as I am, it’s best to find an area that you know you’ll constantly go to and keep it there, and unfortunately for me, it’s the fridge. 

Care/of was kind of enough to share with me a discount code for you guys to check it out. If you use the code MICHENN at checkout, you’ll get 50% off your purchase. It’s a pretty good deal because you can get a pack of vitamins for about $15-$20 for the whole month, which with the code, will be $7-$10. Think of it as a. . .deluxe combo at McDonald’s. That’s how I always rationalize purchases in my mind. Either I could pay $10 for a whopper with fries and a milk shake or I could pay $10 for a month’s worth of wellness! 

If you guys try them out, be sure to tell me what you think! I’d really love to know!

  • Customized vitamins?? I ‘m in! There are so many types of vitamins and supplements out there, I still don’t know which ones I should take. This looks like a really good service!

  • Sam

    I used to take vitamins faithfully but I stopped for some reason. I definitely want to get back into taking them and these seem like the perfect ones to start with.

  • Jennifer Quattrucci

    This is definitely something I am interested in trying so I appreciate the code. I grew up with Flinstones and honestly wanted to try a vitamin as an adult but was always so overwhelmed by the choices. This is a great way for me to see what’s right for me.

  • Hey Darling,
    Vitamins are super important in my life:)
    This customized Vitamins are just so interesting, never heard before:)
    Need to check out:)
    Thanks for sharing:)
    Love Kisses Karina

  • Samira Radmehr

    I’ve heard great things about Care/Of! Thanks for sharing your insight on the brand, sounds amazing!!

    xx, Samira


  • This sounds like the type of service that I would use for sure to remind myself to take daily vitamins. I like the selection and area of concern that is subject to customization.

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  • Gina Diaz

    This customized vitamins sound incredibly interesting. I really would love to try them. Thank you for sharing this great post!!!

    xx. Gina

  • Care/of sounds awesome! I definitely feel like I should be taking vitamins because I’m never sure if I’m getting enough essential nutrients through my diet. The thing is I never know what to get and where to start so I like the idea of taking a quiz and having a pack tailor made for my needs. Thanks for this! Will check them out!

    xo, Jo


    So cool post. I’m using many types of witamns, minerals, probiotics BCA capsules creatine etc. I’m a swimmer and practice also races. Its very nice to can find them together wth a convenient price.

  • Meghan Knudson

    WOW this is sooo cool! I definitely will be checking this out. I love to take vitamins but never know which ones I really need.

  • Lana Luu

    Care/of is such an amazing service. It is so great that they personalise everything and give your all the recommendations. I’m too lazy to take vitamins, but I have to start again as I really don’t satisfied with the way my skin/nails/hair looks.


  • Jen Lee

    Wow how cool is that? Personalized vitamins! This is such a wonderful idea and I need to start taking some too… I love how each packet comes with your name on it so it makes it extra special and kinda makes you want to take it everyday. I’ll look into it!