Cha Cha Matcha Blogger Dates // Meeting Bloggers In Your City

Cha Cha Matcha Blogger Dates

Cha Cha Matcha Blogger Dates

If you live in NY and you have an Instagram, then it’s almost impossible to scroll through your feed and not see Cha Cha Matcha’s pink and green aesthetic. It’s a NYC Blogger Favorite and for good reason. Stepping into the cafe and ordering a (matcha) latte makes you feel like you’ve hopped a plane and landed in California.

It’s very blogger friendly, with colorful wallpaper and a serious dedication to their pink/green theme. The new location in Flatiron feels larger and with more tables and the tall windows means that you’re able to get a lot more light for those oh so casual/candid Instagram shots.

It’s also basically the perfect location to grab a matcha latte with two other bloggers that I’ve been fortunate enough to meet in NYC, Amanda from Sass Of Style and Bibi from Biannette. You’re able to take your Instagram worthy shot (make sure to ask for that latte art!), grab some pretty cronuts/donuts and if you can, grab one of the coveted two tops and settle in for a chat. I’ll be honest, the first time I ever had matcha was at the original Cha Cha Matcha location and I did not like it. I had an iced matcha without milk and wasn’t sure if I was supposed to add sugar to it or not and. . .I was not pleased. It was so bitter and undrinkable. However, when I went back, I got the hot matcha latte and added sugar and such a game changer. It basically tastes like a tea-cappucino and much more forgivable to the palette. I’ll be honest again, I’ll take coffee over matcha any day but there’s something to be said for that pretty green Instagram shot (which I’m sure is why the phrase DO IT FOR THE GRAM exists).

Getting flatlay lessons from Bibi

OKAY, I’m gonna get to the nitty gritty here & give you one of my fave tips if you’re starting to blog about fashion or lifestyle and you don’t have anyone to take your pictures for you and you can’t exactly afford to pay someone $300 for a photoshoot. . .contact other bloggers in your area! I kid you not, this has been a game changer for me. 

I met Amanda and Bibi at another event that we were both attending and the conversation turned to how hard it is to get OOTD shots when you either don’t have a boyfriend (or in my case, a fiance who just has no interest in being an Instagram Husband). We all found out that we worked around the same area and, after some discussion, decided to meet before work for a quick shoot! We work normal 9-5 jobs but once or twice a week, meet at 8am to do take some shots and go off to work. 

It’s changed my life guys. 

Before, I’d have to beg my boyfriend to take photos on the weekends or end up setting up a tripod on the street (and feeling awkward as hell) but this arrangement has totally been working for me. I actually reached out to another NYC blogger who also works near the same area as me and with this method, I’m guaranteed two outfit posts a week. With this method, we’re also learning photography a little better and saving money AND gaining a friendship at the same time. We definitely discuss other events or opportunities and at times, I’ve even suggested them for collaborations with brands I’m working with. Additionally, you get the chance to critique your photos or be like, “Oh wait no, can you retake it, I hate my face in this one” or fix other things that you might not feel comfortable fixing with other photographers. You’ll also be able to edit your own photos in your own style. 

Before this, I was really stressing about how to get outfit/lifestyle shots without spending a fortune on a photographer and this method really worked for me. If anything, you also gain a friend and confidante that you can dish with about all your blogging concerns. 

How To Find Bloggers in Your Area


Facebook! Go to the search bar and google _____ Bloggers (obviously add in your city name). OR if you live in a really small town, find a blogger group that has a lot of people in it and just write a post. “Hey I’m looking for bloggers who live in or near _____ and would want to meet to connect or take OOTD’s together!”. Explain exactly what you mean by it and I guarantee, if there’s someone in your area, they will be interested. I’ve done this numerous times in Facebook groups and ended up meeting a lot of people. It works guys! You just have to put yourself out there. 


Instagram! Same thing. Maybe find a blogger that lives in the same area as you and send them a DM. I’ve actually been sent quite a few DM’s and ended up meeting a good amount of people this way as well. This one is a bit more nerve wracking for me as it’s not a general post on a forum but a more personal one on one message, so I don’t do this very often but people have reached out to me and it’s worked. 


Events! If you go to an event, strike up a conversation with someone. “Oh, you work there? So do I! By the way, who takes your photos?! I’ve been looking for a good photographer, any suggestions? Oh, we should meet up and do OOTD’s together!”. Unless that blogger is making $$$$ and has a photographer on retainer, they’re most likely going to also jump at the chance to get some outfit photos taken. 

If blogger meet ups are something you’re interested in and you live in the NJ/NY area, just mention it in the comments! I’ve been wanting to start doing brunches on weekends and would love to get a few bloggers together to start creating a community. Let me know if you’re interested, or if you don’t want to mention it in the comments, just shoot me an e-mail at!