Being Early: Good Or Bad?

I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them

 Edward Verrall Lucas

I have this one annoying characteristic.

I’m always early.

Yes, I consider that to be an annoying characteristic. Why? Because I live in NYC, city of the perpetually late.


My general thought process when I make plans to meet someone is:

|1| Make sure I get there 10-15 minutes early just in case my friend is getting there early as well, so I don’t have to make them wait. AND being 10-15 minutes early isn’t a big deal for me because I always make sure my phone is fully charged so I can use that time to scroll Instagram.
|2| Get there early.
|3| Wait
|4| Wait some more
|5| Impatiently tap my feet OR pace up and down the sidewalk OR just find a random coffee shop to sit and wait at
|6| Start reading that e-book on my phone that I’ve been meaning to read but never got a chance to read
|7| Oh, look at that, my friend is 45 minutes late. At least I got a chance to read the first few chapters of my new book

This has generally been my experience with most of my friends. I don’t really mind it because, as I detailed above, I use that time to catch up on social media or read a book. Also, the anxiety of being late and making someone wait for me is just way too stressful for me so I’d really rather just grab a cup of coffee and leisurely wait.

But there have been some friends who are just INSANELY late (I’m talking 2-3 hours) & it’s become such a regular occurrence for them that I’ve had to train myself to be late. It’s like pulling teeth for me. And by being late, I mean, arrive on time or 5 minutes after the scheduled time.


I’m lucky in that my significant other is an ON TIME kind of guy and we’ve definitely commiserated on that together. We are always the first to arrive at a party or a dinner date or to any event really. We also don’t judge or blame our friends for being late people. It’s just a quality of theirs that, as long as we’re aware of it, doesn’t make it such a big deal.

Conversations will go like this:
Him: Oh, you’re going out with _____ tonight?
Me: Yep, meeting _______ at the bar.
Him: What time?
Me: I think like. . .8pm?
Him: So, you mean like 9pm?
Me: . . . .yeah

I’m still going to be an early person. It’s still 100% more comfortable for me to be early and waiting than to be late and anxious. I’ve just managed to prepare myself better for it. Always keep my phone charged. Choose an area near fun shops. Bring a book. Because, sometimes it’s nice finding that little spot of time for yourself!