Top 5 Accessories to Elevate Your Home Bar

Home Bar Accessories
In the interest of saving money, my fiance and I have started to slowly build our home bar. We started with the basics (a bottle of whiskey, rum and tequila) and added a few bitters bottles that we’ve gotten from other subscription boxes. This post isn’t to share the basic items that you can add to your home bar, it’s to share our favorite home bar accessories that have elevated our home bar experience.

I’ve drank quite a few cocktails in a can (hello, NY’er who likes to sit in parks with friends!) and my absolute favorite has to be the Slow & Low. Not only is the can beautiful, it really packs a punch in it’s tiny form. The can would be a welcome addition for your home bar accessories and to your bar cart and perfect for those nights when you don’t want to take out the shaker and create a full drink from scratch. I’ve definitely impressed my friends when I’ve taken this out, even my guy friends who swear they only drink Old Fashioned’s and poo-poo at canned cocktails. 
  I love making sangria for parties and this dispenser would look gorgeous sitting on your bar cart. I would do a white wine sangria featuring pineapples, perhaps featuring this recipe and pour it into this gorgeous dispenser. 
This service offers a subscription service and also gives you the option to buy single boxes. I haven’t signed up for the subscription yet as it can be a little pricey, but I have purchased some of their boxes when they’ve gone on sale. I think it’s a good value for what it offers; you’ll get all the ingredients (and other fun items!) for a signature cocktail. I’m sure if you sign up for the subscription or even just buy 2-3 boxes, you’d be set with all your bar accessories, including bitters or even maraschino cherries. I’m liking their Oaxaca Old Fashioned Kit! 
 This is such a cute tray to add to your bar cart and I would use it for little bar bites, such as chocolate covered strawberries.
I’ve been on such a sign kick lately! I think they’re such a fun addition to any room and I love this one to showcase customized cocktails when you have guests over!
 I’ve also listed some of my favorite bar carts below, all at pretty low prices! I love the square one with the wine rack but I’m also loving the black and gold one!