About Me


Who Am I?: I’m Nicole, currently residing in New York and currently running around crazed while working a 9-5, going to grad school at night and blogging whenever I have free time. I used to run coffeeslag with my bestie Ayme but we’ve since started our own individual blogs.

Then Who’s Michenn?: Michenn is me! Well, Michenn is my middle name which, according to my mother, was a name completely made up post labor. Per mother, “I just put some letters together and thought it sounded nice”. Thanks Mom! It’s a name that I was always ashamed of because I was constantly teased (What a weird name! Machine!) so I was never open about it. Deciding to call my blog Michenn was my way of accepting it, moving on and being a grown up.

What Do I Do?: Well, let’s not talk about work because that topic is kind of boring, but let’s talk about what you might be able to find here. You can find OOTD’s, reviews of my fave products, musings on things that have affected me. . .pretty much a mish mash of many things!